eharmony Review

eharmony_01eHarmony is not just a traditional dating sites, but it’s beyond just dates. The compatibility matching system at eharmony streamlines the platform for thousands of men and women that are single in order to match them with a selective group of compatible individuals. You no longer need to spend hours surfing through personal ads or browse the internet when you don’t really have to. The dating website ensures that the members get the best match with whom they would be compatible for life. The company offers the best dating experience for its members.

Overview of the Company

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist after years of his practice and counseling myriad of married couples, had come to understand that there were better ways to discover love rather than leaving it up to luck, chance or destiny. From his years of experience in his clinical work, he managed to work out marriages and couples were highly satisfied seeking his guidance. As per his observations, there were many cases in which the marriages that survived were composed of well-matched or compatible individuals, and the marriages that began to deteriorate were due to the differences between the couples, which became close to impossible to resolve.

He wanted to figure out a way through which he could predict or foresee compatibility through specific characteristics that would lead to satisfying relationships. In order to spot the characteristics between couples that were associated with successful relationships, Dr. Warren began to research for almost three years and successfully figured out the key dimensions of character that foresaw compatibility as well as the potential for long lasting relationship success. And, in the year 2000, the formation of eharmony took place in the United States. Today, it is known as the most trusted service provider of relationships in the USA.

Why choose eharmony

  • Scientific Match System: The company’s single matching individuals have been chosen based on several years of clinical experience and research on relationships in order to identify the commonalities between individuals that are related to successful relationships. The website has experienced great success while matching single women and men based on such matching models.
  • Compatibility Dimensions: The dating website begins with its comprehensive questionnaire on relationships. The questionnaire is one of the key foundations of the success of harmony and itself differentiates the services from other online dating sites. Once eharmony gets to know, it matches you with the appropriate singles that are based on the 29 dimensions that has been proven scientifically to predict healthier and happier long term relations.
  • Expert Assistance: Most often, one of the most difficult things is to get to know someone special. Well, the website makes the process simpler by offering step-by-step process making it less pressurizing and allows you to be what you are. The guided communication option performs this task, so that members can focus on the fun of discovering their single matches with no worries regarding awkwardness, and so on.

To conclude, eharmony has made the lives of thousands of couples less painstaking as far as their relationships or marriages through online dating is concerned. The success stories have been shared by people on the internet and it’s certainly worth a glance.